Today, companies can’t innovate fast enough. Traditional industries like banking, healthcare and retail, among others, are all being turned upside down by the exponential rate of technological change. Succeeding in this evolving landscape requires an entirely new set of skills. Digital disruption has fundamentally changed the way humans work, live, do business and communicate each other, with the connected age ushering in unprecedented levels of open communication and productivity. Now that technology permeates every aspect of modern life.

Therefore, any customer-experience program should start with an inventory of customer needs, a leadership commitment to governance, and a grouping of journeys based on their importance to customers, the potential impact of improvement on satisfaction, and their cost to deliver. But keep in mind this... “Technology doesn't innovate...yet, people do. Technology isn't disrupting any industry, people are. And it's important to realize what technology is doing... is enabling and amplifying the potential of people”.

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